Thursday, January 16, 2014


I'm sitting here in my bed and I can't stop stressing out about the state of my room. Between now and summer my main plan (other than passing college) is to do up and rearrange my room the way I have wanted to for so long. I think my first step is to buy new wardrobes then take out the ones I have, repaint the whole room (cream on three walls and red on the other), install new wardrobes, get a new bed frame, fix up the desk I have or get a new one and then it should be pretty much the way I want it..

Now, time to start saving. Thanks for reading :)


  1. Im gonna be doing my room up in the next few weeks, its all so exciting looking for little things to buy for it! You should do a post whilst you're redecorating it would be brilliant to read!

    1. I really do enjoy looking for all the finishing touches :).. Yeah I was thinking of doing different progress posts and befores and afters and all that, I'm looking forward to it :D

  2. Hi your blog is so good and i really enjoy reading it and so i have nominated you for a Liebster award check out my blog to see the next steps. xxxx

  3. Hi dear, you have such amazing blog, I wish we can follow each other, if you decided to do so and follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back. xoxo

  4. Please do a before and after, I've recently changed my room but I didn't take any before photos :( xxx