Friday, January 17, 2014


So I recently stumbled upon the brand essence, I don't know how I didn't know it before because it seems to be everywhere I look now that I do. I noticed the stand in a chemist one day so I had a look and seen that everything was really cheap. I didn't really have much hope for it since the prices were so low.

Colors left to right: strawberry ice cream, dance all night, get ready!, blockbuster, pop eye, skeye and sand, party all night.

I picked up a couple eye shadows for €1.90 each which was super cheap. I was really surprised at how nice these shadows were, they're very pigmented and smooth and they don't feel chalky at all. The only problem I had was with the only metallic effect one that I got called 'party all night'. It had more of a gold overlay but once you get rid of the top layer the colour underneath is quite a bit darker. It's still a nice colour but just not the one I had bought.

I was pleasantly surprised with these eye shadows and since I got them I have bought more essence stuff like mascara, concealer, blush and a liquid eyeliner and I'm really happy I discovered this brand and I will definitely be buying more essence stuff! Thanks for reading :)


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  3. They look amazing! You should do a review on them!
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