Monday, January 27, 2014


Today on my way home I picked up three things from the brand NYC. I've heard a lot about this brand on YouTube because of how it's very affordable but still good quality. I didn't know I could get NYC over here so I was quite surprised when I found it. I picked up a mosaic face powder, lipstain and mascara. I tried all three of them out for the first time today and I am really quite happy with them.

The lipstain has a decent colour pay off (persistent pink) but still looks very natural. It has a pointed applicator so its very easy to be precise. It dries almost straight away when it's applied but it's not really drying or anything but I haven't worn it for any length of time yet. €3.99

The mosaic face powder is really smooth and easy to blend and it is also a really nice colour (all over bronzed glow), I was worried that it would be too dark because I am fare skinned but once it's blended it has a really natural bronzed look but nothing too much. €3.99

The mascara I didn't really expect much from but it's actually really nice. It has a typical mascara wand but its not too wet so you have a lot of control and it applies nice and easy. It's just a really nice everyday black mascara (carbon). €2.99

I am really impressed with these products and I'm happy I discovered them, I would recommend trying these out because they are really nice and SO affordable! Thanks for reading :)


  1. Ooh whereabouts did you find these! I didn't know you could get them here either! Lovely post, sweet! x

    1. Oh thank you:) I just found them in a random pharmacy in my town! Haven't seen them anywhere else yet though and everything was practically sold out.

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