Saturday, January 18, 2014


After all the hype about the Maybelline Baby Skin pore eraser I really wanted to try it out. I bought it in Boots for around 11euro, which I thought was a bit expensive but I wanted it so bad so I just got it.

Its claim:
Pores appear instantly 
erased for smooth-looking 

I don't have many primers and my biggest problem with foundation is it rubbing off my nose. I find that most foundations will rub off my nose before anywhere else on my face so I am really hoping this primer helps with that.

My first thought when applying it was that it is very thick and has a gel feel to it. It is very easy to rub into the skin but I feel like you have to work it in quite a lot so it doesn't feel as oily or greasy (it isn't a bad oily or greasiness) as when you first apply it. Once I had rubbed it all in my skin felt a lot smoother.

I then applied my Revlon Colorstay foundation with my fingers and the application was so smooth and even compared to when I use this foundation with a brush. After that I finished doing my whole face and went to college for the day.

Throughout the day, I didn't see myself getting shiny at all until about 4:30pm which was 10 hours after I applied my make up and even then, it was only a little shininess so I am super happy with this primer and it will definitely become a holy grail of mine I think. Definitely my favourite primer so far, I 100% recommend this! Thanks for reading :)


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