Saturday, June 21, 2014


I have been super unhappy with my makeup organisation for ages now so yesterday I decided I was going to fix it up. I took an old set of drawers that we had in our shed and made dividers for inside each drawer. To make these dividers I measured the width, length and depth of one drawer and cut cardboard to these measurements. This way of making them is super easy but can take some time especially if you use thick cardboard like I did which is hard to cut through. 

materials: cardboard, scissors/utility knife, pencil, glue

I then cut notches in these dividers where they cross over each other so that they would slot together. I then covered them in white paper using pritt stick to stick it down. I am quite happy with how these drawers turned out but in the future I would like to get a desk with drawers in it so I won't have to have anything on top of my desk. 


I also don't have much space left in these drawers and I still have nowhere to put my palettes but I will figure that out a different day, so for now, they will do :) Thanks for reading!


  1. I love those little drawers! You could add on some little bronze door knobs to make them look even more rustic :) you're so organised. All of my makeup is just put where I can find space! This has really inspired me to organise my collection a bit more, great post x

    Olivia's Notebook

    1. Yeah I had been thinking about handles but I wasn't too sure, might look into it though! I have only just gotten organised, it was a disaster before but I really do love having it neat and tidy.

      Thanks so much :)